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Understanding the Concerns Americans Have About Obamacare Insurance Issues

Posted on 14. Feb, 2014 by in Uncategorized

One topic that is causing a lot of concern for people all across the nation is the new healthcare plan that is being adopted.  While this legislation was originally intended to ensure that more people would have access to adequate healthcare, the initial impact of this bill has actually caused thousands of people to not only lose their healthcare coverage, but their employment as well. There are many Obamacare insurance issues that have the people in this country concerned about their futures.

One of the Obamacare insurance issues that many people are concerned about, is the large number of insurance plans that have been cancelled because they were considered to be substandard. The Obama administration says that these policies did not do much for the policy holders, and they were called “junk policies.” The Obama administration assures people that the cancelled policies will be replaced with better ones, but many Americans have their doubts about that.

Another one of the issues that people have with Obamacare is that it is causing a number of people to lose their jobs, or lose a lot of their hours. Obamacare requires companies to provide insurance to their full time employees.  There are many companies that feel they are not financially capable of providing all of their full-time workers with healthcare plans, so they are simply letting go of some of their full-time employees. Some companies may decide to cut back their employees hours, and reduce them to part-time so they are not required to give them benefits. These employees are still not getting health insurance, and they are making less money than they were before.

Millions of Americans are worried about their futures. They worry about the impact that this legislation will have on their children, and grandchildren. Many are also concerned about the impact that it could have on this nation’s economy as a whole. The Obamacare insurance issues will hopefully be carefully looked at, and resolved. People need to have adequate health insurance, and steady employment.

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