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Save a Ton by Shopping Smart

Posted on 27. Aug, 2013 by in Financial Planning

Starting the school year off right with new supplies and new clothes can make all the difference in your child’s attitude. Just because a child needs some new supplies does not mean you need to spend a fortune. For the best back to school savings, shop smarter, not harder.

Retail stores know exactly what time of the year it is; it is time to raise prices on back to school supplies. For people who have put off their shopping to the last minute, they might find that they are having a hard time affording the even the basics. By far the best way to save on school supplies is to shop early. Retailers do not sell as many crayons, pencils, binders, or notebooks during the spring or summer as they do during the time around Labor Day weekend. If you have an idea of what your child will need in the coming year, watch out for when those items go on sale. You can save as much as 50% by thinking ahead.

If you received your child’s school supply list too late to do preemptive shopping, you will need a different strategy. Do not believe the retailer when they say you are getting a “Great Deal!” Shop around, or do some internet searches. You may find that stores you would not associate with back to school savings are giving competitive prices. The same goes with clothes. Do not buy clothes that are full price. Look around for fashionable sale or clearance items, and you can outfit your child inexpensively and with style.

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