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How To Make Money Outside Of Work

Posted on 31. Jul, 2013 by in Financial Planning

When looking for ways to make a little extra cash, the typical answer of, “go and get a job” is not always the best solution. Either you already have a job, or your demanding schedule does not allow you to take on work full-time. There are a number of ways to start making money without getting another job, and these are just a few.

Use Your Special Skills

Did you ever gain any special skills, talents, or hobbies growing up? Surely those hours at art class or athletic practice haven’t gone to waste. Think of a special talent or hobby you have or once had, and see what you can do from there. Try offering a small class in your particular interest area, or becoming a tutor in a subject area you excelled in.

Sell Old And Unused Items

When you need to make a little extra cash, one option is to look in the attic or garage for old items you don’t use anymore. Not only can you make a few extra bucks, but you may even have a cleaner house! Selling your old or unused items can be done on online selling sights or at a yard sale outside of your home.

Take Odd Jobs For Family And Friends

If you are still in desperate need of making some money, talk to family members or neighbors and see if they have any jobs they would be willing to pay you for. These could range from babysitting to cleaning their home, or doing yard work. Making money outside of work is great for making your bills or having a little extra spending cash.

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