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Helpful Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

Posted on 27. Sep, 2013 by in Financial Planning

There are many ways to create that extra income easily and one of the major ways to do so is through garage sales. These are some of tips on how to organize a successful yard sale and get the necessary income one needs.

Set a smart date for the opening of a garage sale

It is important that the opening of a sale coincide when people have money to spend. It is a common advice to set garage sales on the first weekend of the month in order to take advantage of the pay date of many employees.

Gather items to sell

This might be one of the most difficult thing to do when putting up a yard sale. It is important to gather all things that one is willing to sell. It is necessary to make sure that every item sold are things one can bear to part from it.

Price things cunningly

In a yard sale it is important to anticipate hagglers. One can cleverly outsmart haggles by overpricing the merchandise at least 10-20% over the retail price. This will help in softening the economic blow of persistent hagglers.

Advertise the yard sale

Aside from word of mouth and signboards in one’s neighborhood, one can also post advertisement on social media sites and can also sell them online. The internet age opens up a new method of communication and one should always take advantage of it. One can also place ads on the local newspaper and magazines.

Ensure good presentation

When setting up the garage sale, it is important to always put into mind the presentation of the yard sale. Customers like well-organized shops and will find it enticing to buy things.  A proper presentation and set up of a yard sale can determine the success or failure of a sale.

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