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Eating At Home Is Fun And Thrifty

Posted on 30. Sep, 2013 by in Financial Planning

It isn’t easy to save money if you aren’t paying attention. Zipping through a fast food restaurant is quick and easy, but it can be expensive and not especially healthy for you. The high ratio of fat and salt is not beneficial to anyone. You and your family can eat well, and save your hard earned cash along the way. Eating at home starts when you shop for the ingredients.

Begin with creating menus and ideas for the week ahead of shopping. Check the coupons and weekly specials where you plan to shop to coordinate ingredients with meal plans. Fresh food in season is the best buy. Look for clean, unblemished vegetables and fruit you and your family like. Salads can become a meal in summer with a little bit of meat and some crusty bread. Growing your own in a home garden would be the most economical of all. Your family can enjoy the fruits of their labors, so to speak, and you will save a great deal of money. Use the foods daily and freeze or can leftovers. If you prefer to cook on a day off, make enough to enjoy the remainder for another day. Re purpose a roasted chicken carcass by braising it and adding noodles or vegetables for soup or stew.

Winter is always soup time. Dried soup beans of all kinds, pasta, canned tomatoes and oatmeal work well for a variety of dishes. A big pot of home cooked spaghetti with a side salad is real comfort food. Cooking beans with a ham bone only requires a small amount of meat for seasoning. Those frozen veggies from your garden will taste delicious in your homemade vegetable soup. Rounded out with a few chunks of stew beef or Sunday’s leftover pot roast, just add crackers and a beverage. Eating at home can be fun, healthy and frugal.

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