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4 Areas to Save in on Your Summer Vacation

Posted on 04. Jun, 2015 by in Budgeting, Financial Planning, Summer, Summer Vacation

If you want to enjoy your summer vacation and not return home broke or in debt, you need to plan ahead before you pack your bags. There are multiple ways to minimize your travel expenses and still have a great time. Trim costs from four key areas: lodging, food, transportation, and entertainment.

1. Lodging

Unless you can find some special deals on chain-hotel rates, choose smaller, local hotels or motels. Local inns often have personality and charm that reflect the area, rustic touches, and even a bit of history. Chains often have cookie-cutter rooms that look like every other location.

2. Food

Eating out for every meal can get very expensive. Not only that, you can get tired of restaurant food. Instead, bring an ice chest or reserve hotel rooms with small refrigerators or kitchenettes. If you eat breakfast in your room, pack your lunch to eat picnic style at parks or the beach, and dine out only at dinnertime, you can save a substantial amount of cash.

3. Transportation

If you are flying to your vacation destination, make sure you buy your plane ticket well in advance. Book with an airline that allows you to view a month of rates at a time on its website, so you can select the least expensive times and dates to fly. Being flexible with your travel dates can save you big bucks in transportation costs.

4. Entertainment

You do not have to spend a ton of money to have fun. If you research ahead of time, you can find freebies and low cost entertainment in every location. Fill your days with low-cost activities such as:

If you are watching your dollars this summer, you can still have a memorable vacation. Getting away from it all can be a refreshing experience, especially if you do not overspend. Plan ahead, do your homework to investigate low-cost venues and hotel rates, and you will be ready to take off.

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